How the actresses from the Sex and the City series have changed over 25 years. Photos then and now

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How the actresses from Sex and the City have changed

Sex and the City is one of the most iconic series in the history of world television. Millions of fans looked up to Carrie Bradshaw's style, and for six seasons, viewers from all over the world have been laughing and crying over the love affairs of four friends from New York. The first episode of the American comedy-drama project was shown back in 1998, and in 2021, a sequel called "And Just For Fun" was released, which tells the story of the main characters' lives 20 years later.

The final episode of Sex and the City was released on February 22, 2004. On this day, OBOZREVATEL decided to recall how the main actresses of the favourite series have changed.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw)


Sexy, witty and successful fashionista Carrie Bradshaw has become an icon for many girls. Sarah Jessica Parker is not far behind her character. The series was only the beginning of the actress's triumphant march through world cinema and television. Although it should not be hidden, the role in Sex and the City is still the most significant in the 57-year-old star's career. It is not surprising that she has won four Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards for this role. Parker could also be seen in the films Hello Family and The Morgan Family on the Run.

The actress has also realised herself as a successful businesswoman. She has released her own clothing collection called BITTEN and a shoe collection called SJP Collection. The celebrity has several shoe stores in New York. She also promotes the Sarah Jessica Parker perfume series.

As for her family, the actress is much calmer than her character. Since 1997, she has been married to the famous actor Matthew Broderick. The couple have a son and twin daughters.

Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones)


Kim Carroll is the only actress who did not return to her role in the sequel to the series "And Just Like That". Rumour has it that the scandalous and sexually liberated PR agency owner Samantha Jones, for whom Carroll received a Golden Globe Award and five Emmy nominations, will be seen in the second season of the sequel.

After the end of Sex and the City, it seemed that the actress would have an unprecedented success, as her character became one of the most striking characters in the series. Catherine did indeed begin to actively act in films and appear in various projects as a presenter, but she did not manage to outdo herself. However, the star successfully proved herself in the field of writing. In 2002, her book Pleasure: The Art of the Female Orgasm was published, and in 2005, Sexual Thinking.

Cather is now 66 years old. She has been married three times, but her last marriage ended in divorce about 20 years ago.

Christine Davis (Charlotte York)


The role of the classic "good girl" Charlotte became the most successful in her career and earned her nominations for Emmy, Golden Globe and American Comedy Awards. Alongside Sex and the City, Davis has also starred in no less iconic projects: Friends, Melrose Place, ER, and others. However, her work there was not very noticeable. After 2004, Christine disappeared from the screen altogether, and returned only 10 years later in the comedy film Bad Teacher. In 2019, she also appeared in the Netflix Christmas comedy "Holiday in the Wild".

However, Davis found herself in charity. She is involved in addressing poverty and related injustices in the world, runs the Wildlife Fund, and is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees.

The 57-year-old celebrity is single and raises two adopted children on her own - a girl named Gemma and a boy named Wilson.

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes)


The fiery red-headed lawyer Miranda was remembered by the audience for her stern disposition and sceptical attitude towards men, which has undergone a real transformation over the course of 6 seasons. Now the 56-year-old actress is unrecognisable. In particular, because her bright hairstyle has turned grey. However, this is not the main change in Cynthia Nixon's life.

In 2003, the actress ended her 15-year civil marriage to the British man Danny Moses, with whom she gave birth to two sons. A year later, the star went on a coming out spree. Since then, she has remained a fighter for the protection of the rights of the LGBT community. In 2012, Nixon and her partner Christine Marinoni got married. The latter gave birth to a boy, Max, via IVF. In addition, in 2006, the celebrity managed to overcome a serious illness - breast cancer.

Nixon continued to act in films, but she placed more emphasis on social and political activities. In 2018, she even ran for governor of New York, garnering 35% of the vote, albeit not a victory, but still a very significant one.

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