How the actors of the cult TV series Santa Barbara have changed after 30 years. Photo.

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Santa Barbara's cast has changed

The last episode of the 2137-episode soap opera Santa Barbara, which was a favourite series of many fans of drama and romantic stories, was released 30 years ago. Since the last episode put an end to the long story in 1993, the main actors have changed a lot.

Many of them are hard to recognise, and some are no longer alive. OBOZREVATEL decided to show what the stars of the cult series look like and tell their stories in brief (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Actress Marcy Walker, who played Eden Capwell, has appeared in all seasons of the TV project. At the height of her popularity, she suddenly disappeared from the media, got married for the fifth time and became a Christian pastor.


Adolfo Martinez, who played Cruz Castillo, unlike his colleague, has built a successful career in cinema and become a famous actor.


Robin Wright, who played the role of Kelly Capwell, after the success of Santa Barbara, began a career in feature films, many of which became famous. She even won a Golden Globe.


Mason Capwell, played by Lane Davis, became a favourite with many viewers, but the actor himself hasn't remembered his triumph on screen for many years. Now he prefers theatre acting.


Judith McConnell, who played the role of Sophia Capwell, did not give up her career and continued to act in TV series and TV shows.


Nicholas Coster, who played Lionel Lockridge, although he did not repeat the success of his youth, sometimes acted in full-length films.


After Santa Barbara, Nancy Lee Grant, who is remembered for her role as Julia, has built perhaps the most successful career. She has been nominated for an Emmy and has starred in many well-known projects.


Jed Allan, who played the role of Mr Capwell, had Ukrainian roots. His ancestors lived in Kyiv and bore the surname Branowski before emigrating to the United States in the 1910s. The star's life was cut short in 2019.


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