How the actors of the Clone series have changed after 22 years and what they do now. Photos then and now

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Giovanna Antonelli, Murilu Benicio

The Brazilian television series Clone, which demonstrated in detail the way of life of Muslims, was first shown on the big screens on October 1, 2001. The actors of the melodrama were the world's main stars in the early 2000s, and the whole planet followed their actions. The audience fell in love with Jade, Lucas and Diogo, and Latifa over 250 episodes.

OBOZREVATEL decided to show how our favourite artists have changed over 22 years. It should be noted that Jade and Lucas were lovers not only in the plot of the series (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

Giovanna Antonelli as Jade

In her youth, Giovanna was so successful that no project could do without her. She played the main roles in the popular Brazilian series of the noughties - Family Ties and Tropicana. Thanks to The Clone, the actress met Murilo Benicio, who played her beloved Lucas. After the series, they got married, but lived for only four years. In 2005, the couple had a son, Pietro. Now Antonelli has taken a break and has not visited the set for several years. The last film she played in was The Second Sun (2018). The celebrity is raising not only a son but also two daughters.


Murilu Benicio - Lucas, Dego, Leo

After Murilu's unsuccessful union with the actress Jade, the man decided to switch to another co-star, Deborah Falabella (who played the role of Mel). Despite the fact that the girl played the role of Benicio's daughter in the melodrama, in real life she is only 7 years younger than him. The actor is now 50 years old. Since 1993, he has stopped acting in films. The celebrity is the father of two sons - Antonio (born in 1997) from the Brazilian beauty Alessandra Negrini and Pietro (born in 2005) from Giovanna Antonelli.


Vera Fisher - Yvette

Fisher was a real sex symbol in Latin America 20 years ago. In Clone, she played the role of hot Yvette, who ran everywhere and followed her lion cub. At the age of 15, Vera began her modelling career and at 18 she was crowned Miss Brazil. After winning the beauty contest, she began working as a TV presenter and acting in films. At a certain period of her life, Fisher suffered from serious alcohol and drug addiction. On 27 November 2022, the actress turned 71. In 2012, she got her last role.


Dalton Wiig - Sayid

The unassuming and stern Dalton Wiig managed to embody the image of an ideal man in the series, who would do anything for his woman. However, according to his colleagues, he has the opposite character in real life. By the way, the artist had 3 marriages. In 2012, he married Camila Xerkes, who gave him twins, David and Arthur, on 16 July 2016. Nowadays, the 58-year-old actor spends time with his wife and children and occasionally appears on television.


Daniela Escobar as Maiza

Daniela Escobar as Maiza, who was always hysterical in The Clone, is a completely calm and balanced person in real life. The star is known to take her roles seriously. She once played a Romanian immigrant in the mini-series "Colours of Brazil", for which she lost 15 kilograms, cut her hair and learned to speak with a specific accent. Escobar married Clone director Jaime Monjardim and gave birth to a son, Andre. Thanks to the union, the girl built a dizzying career, but after the breakup, her popularity declined. Daniela is now 54 years old. Her last TV project was in 2013.


Leticia Sabatella - Latiffa

Leticia became known for her role in the TV series "Master of the World". Very quickly, the girl became a real sex symbol in Brazil. But the artist's career took off thanks to the role of the Muslim Latiffa in Clone. In 2002, for her work in the series, Sabatella was awarded the Contigo Award for Best Supporting Actress. Today, the celebrity has about 30 works to her credit. Now the celebrity is 51 years old, she is a vegetarian and, in addition to acting, has performed on the big stage as a singer.


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