How much water should a cat and dog drink per day: signs of dehydration

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Getting your pet to drink enough is not easy

The summer heat is about to begin, and we will start to worry about our pets drinking enough water. After all, they also suffer from dehydration when the temperature outside is high.

But not everyone knows exactly how much a cat should drink and how much a dog should drink. So OBOZREVATEL decided to find out what the norms are and what veterinarians advise.

Why water is important for animals

Despite the fact that cats and dogs do not sweat to cool their bodies like humans, water still plays an important role in the process of thermoregulation of their bodies. They are approximately 70% water and this substance is used to carry out metabolic processes in their bodies. It is also used to wash internal organs with body fluids. In particular, to balance the temperature. Also, without enough water, it is impossible to properly eliminate waste products.

How much should a cat drink

The approximate average daily intake for a healthy adult cat is 60 ml per 1 kg of body weight. However, this figure varies depending on the conditions of detention and health. For example, a cat that eats wet food may drink less because it gets some of its moisture from food. A fluffy cat on a dry diet may drink even more than this. Certain health conditions also require more water. After diarrhoea or vomiting, a cat may drink more than usual. If the animal starts looking into the water bowl more often without any change in conditions or visible signs, this is a good reason to take it to the vet, as thirst can be a symptom of various diseases, such as diabetes, kidney problems, tumours, etc.

How much should a dog drink

On average, dogs drink a little more than cats. A kilogram of animal weight should account for 60-80 ml of fluid per day. Large breeds need more moisture than small breeds, and agile breeds need more than phlegmatic breeds. Just like in cats, dry food can make a dog more thirsty - this is normal. But a sudden increase in thirst is a reason to take your pet to the vet.

Symptoms of dehydration in pets

The signs that your pet is not getting enough moisture are similar in cats and dogs. If your pet is well hydrated, it will have supple skin, pink mucous membranes, and moist and shiny eyes. The healthy colour of the animal's urine should be pale yellow and unsaturated, and the liquid itself should be clear and odourless during urination.

Clear signs of dehydration are lethargy, viscosity of saliva, and dry skin. The urine of a dehydrated animal becomes cloudy, acquires a rich colour and a pronounced strong odour.

What to do if your pet refuses to drink

If you think that your pet is drinking too little fluid and measurements show that this may indeed be the case, try to find alternative ways to give the animal water. For example, cats may ignore a bowl of standing water, but are happy to drink from running sources - from a tap or a special fountain opened with a thin stream. Also, switching to a wet diet can help provide the animal's body with water.

Be sure to wash drinkers regularly, as animals are very picky about the water they drink. And make sure that the water is not too cold - cats and dogs prefer water at room temperature.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how often to wash a dog's bowl. The same recommendations are generally applicable to cats.

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