How easy it is to get rid of rust: a penny-pinching lifehack has hit the web

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To get rid of rust, you'll need regular baking foil

Rust stains are probably the most unpleasant of all stains. They are considered to be very difficult to get out.

However, says the Mirror, a TikTok user called @_zealulous.mom and named Diane has convincingly proved to her audience of 150,000 followers that it can be less dramatic. Plus, the method she demonstrated doesn't cost much at all. To watch the video, scroll to the end of the news story.

Diane was cleaning her cutlery when she noticed rust on one of the items. So she took regular baking foil, ripped off a piece, crumpled it up, and rubbed the stained area with it. The contamination was immediately erased.

Social network users were amazed at how easily the woman managed to remove the rust. The video went viral and has already gained more than 1.2 million views. And users immediately began to share their impressions of the method, which they hurried to try at home. It turned out that it works and this led Diane's subscribers in a real delight.

Meanwhile, among the users there were those who shared alternative options. Some suggested dipping rusty objects in Coca-Cola or white vinegar.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, in TikTok virusiysya video about how to properly heat food in the microwave. It turned out that almost everyone does it wrong.

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