How cats express gratitude: gestures that show affection to their owner

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How cats express gratitude to their owner

Not all cats are prone to actively expressing their feelings. Some felines are too wayward and independent, contributing to the stereotype in society that cats are ungrateful, fastidious, and somewhat impudent creatures who feel like the real masters in the house.

No one has yet succeeded in deciphering the language of animals, but experts say that understanding emotions and feelings is enough to simply observe the animal's behavior. OBOZREVATEL analyzed the gestures cats use to express gratitude and how they show affection.

Cats are not as selfish as they are often portrayed. They have their ways of expressing gratitude, and many aspects of their behavior depend on the breed. For example, Mekong Bobtails and Redhawks are very sociable and affectionate, immediately forming attachments to their owners. On the other hand, Hausa and Savannahs may exhibit aggression if touched when they're not in the mood, but it doesn't necessarily mean the animal doesn't love you.

Here are the main signs that a cat feels affection and gratitude towards you:

1. The first and most obvious sign is purring. Cats purr when they feel safe, and it's also a sign of pleasure and relaxation.

2. Sometimes, cats may start licking their owners' fingers or palms, indicating affection and tenderness. It shows that the cat trusts you.

3. An unmistakable expression of feline gratitude, although not always appreciated by humans, is when a cat starts bringing you gifts such as a mouse, a bird, or an insect caught on the windowsill. Ignoring such an expression of love may upset the cat, so it's advised not to yell at your cat when it presents you with such a gift.

4. Some experts suggest that the habit of "marking" shoes or a bed can also be a form of gratitude. However, it's not certain, as cats may also use this behavior as a way to retaliate for perceived slights.

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