How cats communicate with people and what words they understand

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How cats communicate with people

Most owners perceive cats as full-fledged family members. They pay enough attention to them, take care of them, and even communicate with them as if they were people. However, not all owners know that furry animals can understand human speech.

OBOZ.UA learned more about it. Pets can not only feel when a person is upset, angry, happy, or angry but can also distinguish some words.

The four-legged friends pay attention to the owner's intonation and behave accordingly. Perhaps most people have noticed that a cat comes and lies down next to you when the owner is upset or sick or they show their attention and playfulness when you are in a good mood. They even see when you don't like something and stop doing it.

To communicate with furry people, they use sounds and body language. They purr, meow, hiss, show their claws, move their ears and head, or scratch or bite a little.

Cats can show what they like or dislike with their tails.

  • If the tail is wagging from side to side, it means that the cat is very unhappy with something;
  • The tail is clamped between the hind legs: this is a manifestation of fear;
  • The tail is relaxed and motionless means a cat is in a good mood.

If the cat lies on its back and shows its belly, it means that it trusts you. The stomach is the most vulnerable place for pets and they never show it if they feel threatened.

Words that cats understand:

  • food, feeding, or other similar expressions;
  • name;
  • prohibitions, i.e. "no", "you can't";
  • come or other similar commands;

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