How cats choose who to sleep with: it's not always the owner

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Sometimes cats do not like to sleep with their owners in bed

If you want to fall asleep to the sound of a gentle cat's purr, but your pet stubbornly won't go to bed with you, don't be upset, it's not always because the cat doesn't like you. Cats choose where to sleep at night based on several nuances.

A cat may be very attached to you, but this will not prevent it from coming to bed with another family member. OBOZREVATEL figured out who cats love more and how animals choose who to sleep with.

You can feed, pamper, walk, comb, treat, and adore your cat, but when it comes to sleep, it will categorically refuse to lie in your bed. Let us reassure you right away - the fact that a cat does not want to sleep with you does not mean that it does not love you or does not recognise you as its owner.

It is important for a cat to have a warm, quiet, and safe room where he sleeps. If your bed is near a window, or if you always hide a vacuum cleaner under the bed, which the cat is afraid of, the cat may not feel safe in your bedroom and will choose another family member's bed at night.

As a rule, a cat will come to sleep with the person with whom it spends the most time. Trust plays an important role. If your cat doesn't like entertainment and touching, and you constantly annoy it with this, it is unlikely that it will come to sleep with you at night.

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