Host Olena-Kristina Lebid gave two key tips on how not to become a victim of scammers during the war

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Olena-Kristina Lebed gave two key tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud during the war

Olena-Kristina Lebid, host of the program "Scammers in the Networks" on the New Channel, gave Ukrainians two important tips to help them avoid becoming victims of fraud. According to the journalist, unfortunately, during the war, there are still unscrupulous citizens who seek to take advantage of someone's inattention and profit from someone else's grief.

Lebid recommends not to be manipulated by strangers and to watch how a seller in an online store or, conversely, a buyer communicates with you. Useful tips from the expert were published on the New Channel website.

One of the most common manipulations of scammers is addressing in a caressing manner. In this way, the fraudster relaxes the victim's psyche, making them more trusting.

"Think about it: if a person, literally five minutes after meeting you or during an online purchase, starts writing to you in a second message with diminutive suffixes in the style: 'I'm just worried that your goods will be taken away...' In fact, this is a manipulation, an introduction to the state of a child, when you were fondled and called 'Maryna' or 'Oksana'. Diminutive suffixes evoke childhood memories. This trick really works with me, I've noticed it on myself. When they say 'Chris', it's clear that I'm at work. And as soon as they say 'Kristina', that's it (smiles). But my critical thinking kicks in in time, I realize that this is a ploy" - Lebed said.

As the host explained, it is important for a fraudster to keep the game going according to his rules. As soon as a person does not agree to follow the instructions, the scam collapses. Therefore, the second important rule is that you should not blindly listen to and believe strangers, especially if they inspire an excessive sense of trust. Most likely, you have been manipulated and are ready to do whatever the scammer says.

"Here's an example: you are selling something online. You get a call from a very nice buyer. He says that the product is perfect, and you are such a nice girl that he wants to buy it from you without bargaining! But he won't send money to the card, he says: 'I'm just a sole proprietor, you know, and I need to make a payment through the accounting department - so go to the ATM and I'll tell you what to press so that the money will immediately fall on the card.' He expects you to agree, because this is his scheme. Then he will dictate that all your money from the card will come to his phone. And you shut up for a second and then say: 'No, I'm not comfortable, the ATM is far away. Let's do it as usual: on the card or by mail.' And that's it. You have broken the scheme" - the journalist said.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, famous TV presenter Dasha Malakhova told Ukrainians about child adoption. This issue became popular during the war with Russia, as many children were left without parents.

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