Here's why you should never keep dirty clothes in the laundry: an expert reveals the dirty truth

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You don't want mold and fecal bacteria to take up residence in your clothes

Modern urban housing cannot boast of much space. That's why we try to optimize it with all available methods. For example, we do not install a basket for dirty laundry, but store it directly in the drum of the washing machine. What difference does it make where things wait for their time to be washed?

However, experts say that this is a big mistake. OBOZREVATEL asked why exactly. However, if your clothes are stored in the drum of the washing machine, take them out before you start reading the explanations of experts. You will be grateful for it.

Airing the laundry

In the basket, clothes have better access to open air. This allows even wet clothes to dry well while they wait for their turn to be cleaned. Conversely, clothes do not interfere with the drying mechanism of the machine. And it can also harbor mold spores. In addition, the laundry basket can be exposed to the sun for additional disinfection. You can't move the whole washing machine like that.

Risk of bacterial growth

Researchers from the University of Arizona have discovered a rather unpleasant truth about washing machines - as many as 44% of such devices showed the presence of fecal bacteria inside. This is not surprising, because we wash our underwear in them. Moreover, a warm and humid environment favorable for the growth of microorganisms is created inside the appliance.

You can solve this problem by running an empty cycle with the hottest water possible or with the addition of chlorine bleach. However, not all clothes can be treated in the same way. Instead, the presence of things in the drum can only accelerate the growth of bacteria. Therefore, store your laundry in a special basket and take proper care of your washing machine.

How to care for your washing machine?

Experts say that the cleaning cycle should be run at least once a month. The minimum requirements for it are washing without clothes and soap, but with the highest possible temperature.

To disinfect the device, you can add chlorine bleach. But from time to time, it is also necessary to use acid powders and liquids that will not only kill unwanted microorganisms in the washing machine, but also clean it from limescale and dirt.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told why things don't always need to be sorted before washing.

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