"Hell's Paradise": What's special about the dystopian anime's plot that the whole world is raving about

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The new anime "Hell's Paradise" delighted audiences

On April 1, the adaptation of Yuji Kaku's acclaimed Japanese manga "Hell's Paradise" began screening and has been awaited by anime fans. Only one episode is available yet, but viewers are already sharing their rave reviews.

On the IMBd website, the series reached 8.8 points out of 10, indicating a very good reaction to the premiere. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell why viewers were affected by the plot of the dark anime (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

What is "Hell's Paradise" about?

According to the plot of the original manga, a ninja named Gabimar finds himself in a predicament due to a set-up by his friends. All unpleasant events have led him to the island of Shinsenke, whose lands hide many secrets.


The main character, also called "The Blank," is aloof and mysterious, which is what the anime's target audience likes. His goal is to find the elixir of immortality, or else the character will be sentenced to death. On his way "Empty" will encounter troubles, loyal friends and cruel enemies.

Viewer reaction

Within a day, the video with the series' opening sequence (the musical intro - ed.) gathered almost a million views. Famous bloggers around the world are filming their reactions to the first episode, and thousands of enthusiastic comments on "Hell's Paradise" are collected in the comments under each video.

 The first episode has already been translated, including into Ukrainian.

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