Have they had enough of war in Bakhmut? Kadyrov suggests sending Chechens to the Belgorod region

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Kadyrov asked to move from Bakhmut to Belgorod
Kadyrov asked to move from Bakhmut to Belgorod

The head of the Chechen Republic within Russia, Ramzan Kadyrov, suggested to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Chechen units be sent to the Belgorod region. In his opinion, this would be "a good solution.

Russian media is quoting Kadyrov as saying so. The number of "Chechen fighters" in the security forces of Russia is estimated at more than 70,000 people.

"The total number of Chechen fighters in the battalions and regiments of security and military structures exceeds 70,000. That's three whole armies! All the units were trained at the Russian University of Special Forces. They are equipped with the latest technology, trained, equipped with reliable weapons and ready to carry out any order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief" said Kadyrov.

He assured that Putin's Chechen collaborators are ready and waiting for the order.

Belgorod on the map of the war in Ukraine

In early May, Ramzan Kadyrov asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to transfer Akhmat units to the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut in exchange for the Wagner PMC gangs.

And at the end of May Kadyrov's "commanders" announced an attack on Kriviy Rig, the capture of which they called equivalent to the capture of Kyiv. However, traditionally it did not progress beyond the TikTok video.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that no sooner had the Russians departed from the raid of the Russian Volunteer Corps in the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, than the fighters of the RVC started a new one. Russian citizens fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine said they were ready for the complete liberation of the Kremlin-occupied region.

Representatives of the Russian Volunteer Corps emphasize that it is possible to fight the Russian aggressor not only in Ukraine, but also in the territories occupied by the Kremlin regime.

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