Harvest will be twice as big: how to properly care for apple trees in the fall

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September is the time to prepare apple trees for wintering

Experienced gardeners know that preparing plants for winter does not end with harvesting. To get a lot of fruit from trees, shrubs and perennial grasses in the new season, they need to be properly introduced during the cold season.

This applies, in particular, to apple trees. OBOZREVATEL has collected all the tips from gardeners on how to prepare these fruit trees for winter so that they can successfully recover next year and give a really big harvest.

Pick all the fruits

For a tree to overwinter well, no fruit should remain on its branches. Therefore, you need to pick all the apples, including damaged and rotten ones. Such fruits develop bacteria and fungi that can spread to the tree and cause damage. You should also carefully remove any damaged branches and shoots.

Prepare the soil near the tree

You shouldn't leave anything under the apple tree except its own leaves. The reason is the same: it's important to prevent harmful microorganisms and insects from developing in unnecessary objects. But it will be very useful to loosen the soil in the trunk circle. To do this, remove all unnecessary things within a radius of 15-20 cm from the trunk and loosen the soil. Then you can let the leaves fall freely on this area and clean them up in the same way as in the rest of the garden.

Water apple trees properly

You don't need to stop watering the garden completely after harvesting - the plants still need nutrition. However, the amount of water and frequency of watering should be reduced so as not to provoke the growth of new shoots. Just check to see if the soil under the apple tree is dry and add enough water if necessary.

Take care of fertilization

Autumn fertilization helps to strengthen the root system of the plants, which is important for a successful winter. Apple trees can be fertilized with both organic and mineral fertilizers. However, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of nutrients so that the tree does not start growing rapidly, which is very dangerous on the eve of winter. It is better to add less nutrients than to overdo it. Compost or peat is added at the stage of loosening the soil around the trunk, and mineral fertilizers are applied according to the instructions.

Don't forget about mulching

Mulch helps retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. It also protects the roots of the tree from freezing during the first night frosts and prevents weeds from growing. In order to mulch apple trees well, you need to pour sawdust, hay, shredded bark, a layer of peat or compost on the prepared ground in the trunk circle. You can also use the tree's own fallen leaves for this purpose

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