Harbingers of happiness: what findings on the street are good omens

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The horseshoe may be rusty, and the nail may be bent

Sometimes you don't want to look up from a bad mood. You walk along and look only at your feet. Experts say that this is not such a bad idea, because in this way you can spot an object that portends good luck and joyful events in the near future.

OBOZREVATEL took an interest in these signs. Here are three things that are direct symbols of good luck.

A horseshoe 

Nowadays, it is not so easy to find this thing on the street, although there are still cases. The horseshoe is considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness. It portends financial success and other well-being. And the sign works regardless of the condition of the thing - it can even be old and rusty and still bring happiness.

A rusty nail

The nail you find should be rusty. Or even better, bent. An object in such a bad condition should protect the house from all the bad things, and the fortune of the person who found it will not turn away for a long time. You just need to carry it with you all the time.

Light feather

Light-colored feathers symbolize good news, positive changes, profits, and the resolution of old conflicts. Pure white feathers have especially good energy. And you should pay attention to its size - the larger the feather, the better.

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