Guaranteed to increase yield: what to plant near beets

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The right neighborhood will give the beets extra nourishment and protection

Beets are a good vegetable to grow in the garden. In summer you can use its greens for salads, and the root vegetable is well preserved in winter and many wonderful dishes can be prepared from it. To increase the yield of this fruit, it is important to plant the right plants next to the beet bed.

OBOZREVATEL assembled a list of successful neighbors for beets. And tells why they can be useful to this plant.


All kinds of onions will deter pests from beets. And not only insects, but also mammals.


In addition to protecting against pests, garlic can improve the taste of beet fruits. It reduces the content of the substance responsible for the flavor, which many people find unpleasant. It also releases sulfur into the soil, which protects the root crop from fungi.

Bush beans

As they grow, legumes enrich the soil with nitrogen. But only bush beans and soybeans produce it without excess, which can damage beets.


The root system of the lettuce will not compete with the beets for nutrients, because it is superficial. In addition, the leafy vegetable will help retain the moisture in the soil needed by root crops.


This early vegetable can be planted along with beets. It will sprout and ripen first and you can harvest two crops in one season. In addition, digging the radishes will loosen the soil for the beets.

Aromatic herbs

The strong smell of these plants acts as a pest repellent. But experienced gardeners recommend growing mint in boxes rather than in the open ground, because it can quickly take over large areas and spoil the harvest.

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