Great vacation or new worries: horoscope for all zodiac signs on May 6-7

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Taurus will have a great vacation, they will be able to gain strength to conquer new heights. Pisces will have to work hard.

Tarrologist and prognosticator Olga Solomka exclusively for AstroOboz made a horoscope for all zodiac signs for the weekend of May 6-7. Learn what awaits you.


Working this weekend is not a heavy duty for you, but just salvation. Because you don't want to do household chores because you are forced to. So you run away from home to work, saying that you are very, very busy.


There will be an opportunity to have a really good rest, because you have more free time, with production issues you can easily cope during working hours, and now you can sleep, and go visiting, and do your favorite hobbies.


You will have to clear out all the old, dirty, broken, and no longer useful and enjoyable areas under your control. That is you will get rid of unnecessary things and put them in order both near yourself and in your life.


You can meet some great people for whom you have sympathy. And you're incredibly enthusiastic, so your notebook is filled with pleasant and useful contacts that you might need soon.


Your enthusiasm and desire to enjoy this world to the fullest grow. You eagerly pick up any suggestions that come up these days, ready for both work and fun, you can also go on a visit and a long-distance trip.


There's an opportunity to do your favorite things, from lying on the couch with impunity to spring work in the garden. Fortunately, no one will interfere with you doing what you think is right, you are free to dispose of your time.


Physical activity will be quite significant, but necessary. You'll need to work on the garden, and clean, and carry heavy things, in short, very hard work. And all this on your own, because it's unlikely that someone else will be able to cope but you.


You are saturated with contacts and this weekend will want to limit communication as much as possible and in general, hide somewhere far away from people and civilization, to be alone with nature, and just be silent and admire the spring.


You'll be helping everyone right now. Instead of devoting time to your own affairs, you will fully devote time to helping others. And this can be both relatives and just acquaintances or even not-so-familiar people that you decided to support.


Personal life issues are activated, and you can spend the whole weekend exclusively engaged in your amorous affairs, which include various aspects: all this love-within-a-love, oohing and aahing, hugging, and kissing.


A new stage of life awaits you with the new week, and now you can take stock of your previous accomplishments, realize what you've accomplished and where you want to go and prepare properly for the accomplishments ahead.


Domestic chores require full inclusion. From morning till night you will be cleaning the house, but also sorting out things, preparing the closet, sorting garbage, cooking, in a word, catching up with what you couldn't cope with during the weekdays.

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