Glasses will shine like a restaurant: a trick to wow your guests

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Glasses can be stained by machine washing

Dishwasher owners are familiar with the problem of glassware becoming cloudy after use. The reason for this is limescale that remains on glasses and cups after machine washing. And on the eve of the holidays, many people are looking for answers to the question of whether it can be removed.

Experts say that even old deposits can be cleaned off almost effortlessly. OBOZ.UA asked them for their advice on this matter.

Go back to hand washing

One of the main tips for those who want to have clear and shiny glasses is to stop washing them in the machine. Detergent and very hot water can cause the glass to crack or become cloudy. Therefore, it is better to wash this type of glassware by hand. And don't forget to wipe it dry afterwards.

Soak glasses in vinegar

A thin layer of limescale can be easily dissolved by white vinegar. Mix the product with warm water in equal proportions, and use a vessel that can completely immerse the glasses and glasses. Put them in this solution for about half an hour and then wash them under running water. Rub the glass well with the soft side of a sponge to remove any lime residue.

Polish the glass

Just as windows shine after polishing them with a paper towel, or even better, a microfiber cloth, so will the glass of your glasses after this procedure. After washing, wipe them dry and then polish the walls and stem. Start from the top and work your way down to leave fewer fingerprints.

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