Geraniums will bloom all year round: grandma's way of feeding a flower

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Ordinary coffee grounds can work magic with your geraniums

Geranium is a very underrated houseplant. It is often associated with elderly women. That's because many of our grandmothers love this flower. And this is the case when the opinion of the older generation is definitely worth listening to. Firstly, geraniums do not require complicated care, and secondly, even with moderate efforts, they can thank you with almost continuous flowering. All you need for this is a homemade fertilizer that will provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients.

OBOZ.UA asked about the recipe for such a fertilizer. And home gardening experts advised to pay attention to coffee grounds.

This essentially waste can be used to make a high-quality natural fertilizer. It will provide the plant with a supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, minerals, and potassium, which will help build up leaf mass and support long flowering. It will also improve soil quality. It will make it more loose and permeable to air and water.

To make fertilizer from coffee grounds, take a little bit of the leftover coffee grounds after brewing the drink and spread them evenly on a clean tray. The coffee should dry properly and become crumbly. This will make it easier to distribute.

When the fertilizer is ready, spread it thinly on the potting soil and use a miniature rake to dig it into the soil not too deeply. The coffee should penetrate the top 2-3 centimeters of the soil. After that, it will begin to slowly release nutrients. And geraniums like a long-lasting fertilizer, which helps to support the constant development of new flowers.

However, it's important to remember that you shouldn't add coffee to a geranium pot too often. One such feeding once every 6 months will be quite enough. If you do it more often, it can cause an excess of nutrients in the soil, which is more dangerous for the plant than a complete lack of fertilizer.

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