From shepherd to husky: a dog for every zodiac sign

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A Skye Terrier for romantic Cancer, a Basenji for meticulous Virgo, and a Jack Russell Terrier for cheerful Aquarius.

Your zodiac sign can tell you not only the right decisions in your life but also guide you in future events with the help of your horoscope. The common features of different signs can help you choose the perfect pet.

If you dream of having a dog, OBOZREVATEL will help you figure out which breed will be the best for your temperament. Find out which dog suits your sign best.


Aries is characterized by impulsiveness and perseverance. Therefore, this sign needs a dog that is active, purposeful, and intelligent. Such as a German Shepherd.


A balanced Taurus needs a companion of the same temperament. But at the same time, it should be a creature capable of periodic emotions. And quite strong emotions. The St. Bernard is just such a dog.


Representatives of this sign love emotional intimacy and are ready to have endless fun. Just like Papillon dogs.


Sensitive and emotional Cancers value support and intimacy the most in the world. Therefore, an intelligent, obedient, and calm dog that is very attached to its owner is suitable for this sign. This is exactly what a Skye Terrier is.


There is nothing more important than status and recognition for Leos, so they need a dog that is stately and large. One that looks luxurious and has a noble character. Like a German Great Dane.


Virgos' obsession with order seems incompatible with the idea of a pet. However, there are dogs that do not bark, shed, or smell and are very obedient and intelligent at the same time. These are Basenjis.


Libra's shyness needs to be balanced. Therefore, a dog for this zodiac sign should be sociable, active, and able to attract attention. And the Shiba Inu will do this perfectly.


This sign is distinguished by its freedom-loving nature and will get along best with a dog of the same kind - active, tireless, and able to show character. Huskies can do all of this.


Capricorn's tireless work ethic needs a companion who will allow him to relax and unwind a bit. It should be a dog for cuddling and long walks, but at the same time moderately active and obedient. Such as a Chow Chow.


Aquarians are constantly in search of new emotions and experiences. And there is no dog more emotional and always ready to plunge into adventure than the Jack Russell Terrier.


Dreamy Pisces is better suited to a dog friend who understands the owner's emotions, can comfort him, and entertain him. A Golden Retriever will be such a companion for the sign.

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