From classic to extravagant: 5 outfits Princess Diana lent to others

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Some of Lady Di's things are still relevant today.

Princess Diana of Wales was a style icon of her time. Her wardrobe included hundreds of elegant dresses, suits and skirts with blouses. But there were things she especially valued. She would alter old outfits to wear them in a new design at social events. Almost new ones she gave away or lent to her closest people.

This is what Town & Country magazine writes about. Look at the dresses Lady Di used to rent or even give away. These things look new on the new owners.

1. Suit with thin stripes

In 1985, Prince Charles III (now King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and Lady Di travelled to Australia. At the time, the princess wore an exquisite skirted suit. A few years later, in 1987, her own sister Sarah McCorquodale wore the same outfit, which she improved with a milky blouse with a collar, to school in England.



2. Green polka dot dress

Lady Dee's wardrobe included at least ten polka dot dresses. In 1986, the princess arrived at the airport in Saudi Arabia in one of them. She adorned her look with a hat and low-heeled pumps. In 1993, Diana lent this same dress to her sister Sarah when they travelled to Nepal together.


3. Tweed jacket with a belt

In December 1983, Princess Diana arrived at the opening of the fair. For this special occasion, she chose a suit with an unusual cut: a tweed jacket with voluminous sleeves and a black belt. The second time these things "saw the light" was at the funeral of Lady Di and Sarah's father, Earl John Spencer, in 1992. At that time, the princess's older sister borrowed a grey suit and complemented it with a hat and a black skirt.


4. Blue dress with floral print

Shortly before her wedding to Prince Charles in June 1981, Lady Di attended the Trooping the Colour parade (a ceremony performed by representatives of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces). She wore a blue dress with a floral print, stylised with gloves, a blouse and a hat.

Later, in 1985, the princess lent her outfit to her friend Sarah Ferguson. At that time, this lady attended the Royal Ascot Horse Races (a town in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England).


5. Polka dot dress

In 1983, Lady Di and Prince Charles travelled to Australia. Then in Melbourne, the princess wore a white polka dot dress, which she styled with a bright jacket and a milk-coloured hat.

And in 1989, her sister Sarah McCorquodale attended the wedding of her brother Charles Spencer in the same dress, adding a bright collar to it.


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