French with ombre effect, chosen by the stars: the best manicure ideas for different nail lengths. Photo.

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French with ombre effect

French manicure is an eternal classic that will not go anywhere even with the advent of new trendy trends in the world of nail art. However, this does not mean that the French manicure should always be the same. Different interpretations of this manicure make it timeless. For example, this season, the so-called ombre French manicure is gaining popularity.

This is a modern adaptation of the traditional French manicure. Its difference lies in the gradual "disappearance" of the varnish from the pinkish-flesh base to the white tips. That is, you will not see clear stripes on your nails. Instead, there is a smooth gradient. OBOZREVATEL has collected several variants of the trendy design, which is increasingly chosen by world celebrities.

Glossy French with an ombre effect


The same option can be called standard. The nails look simple, but the glossy shade gives them a zest and natural shine. This manicure will be a great addition to any look, making it more elegant.

French ombre lip gloss


Almond-shaped nails are best suited to a subtle gradient created by a glossy pale pink polish that resembles lip gloss.

Natural French ombre


To create the effect of natural nails, choose a base shade of polish that is as close as possible to your skin colour. This will make the transition to white polish even smoother and more delicate.

Coloured ombre


Remember that a two-colour manicure, even in the case of a French manicure, does not have to be limited to the presence of white varnish. Experiment with the palette, choose a colour to suit your mood. In addition, as you can see in the picture, nails can be made matte, which will give them a special charm.

Pearl ombre


This spring, any 3D designs, applications, and other volumetric elements on nails will be in trend. A delicate French ombre effect is especially harmonious with pearls.

French ombre "Butterfly"


As we said above, nail decorations are most welcome this season. Holographic stickers in the form of butterflies are a great solution for the spring.

Glamorous French ombre


Is French ombre manicure too boring and simple for you? It doesn't matter. Decorate your nails with rhinestones and stones, but keep it simple. Remember: everything that is excessive is bad. Especially in matters of beauty.

Unfinished French ombre with gold foil


Another solution for those who like it "richer". At the same time, the gold foil accents do not look, as they say, "too much".

Shiny French ombre


The glitter at the base of each nail makes this manicure undoubtedly festive and ideal for those who think that it would be nice to add a little chic to a minimalist French ombre.

Elongated French ombre


These long nails prove that French ombre doesn't need to be understated. The length and colourless gems emphasise its richness.

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