Four zodiac signs will be lucky in everything until the end of the week: find out if you one of them

Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces will be the favorites of fate in the coming days

This week, the main celestial transits will be Venus moving from Libra to Scorpio on December 4 and the beginning of the last quarter of the Moon in Virgo on December 6. They urge us to accept the fact that realism is the best strategy in life. It also teaches us not to be influenced by other people and to hold on to our own opinions.

Representatives of the four signs will be best able to cope with these tasks. Astrologers have named these lucky ones. Find out if you're one of them.


Success is on your side this week. Be prepared for your mind to work at 150%. Don't rush to spend everything you gain this week: save it for the future. It will be a good investment in yourself. Keep in mind that perseverance will bring additional bonuses. Dancing will be the best way for you to relax. Even if you dance at home alone, it will bring you the sense of satisfaction and freedom you deserve.


You can rely on your intuition this week, and it will be extremely sharp. You will hear it especially well when you are alone and in the late evening hours. You will feel that something important is coming. And you will be able to seize the right moment when it finally arrives. Taking care of yourself will be your main source of pleasure and relaxation. But while taking care of your body, don't forget about your soul. Meditation, breathing work, and yoga can help you with this.


Your creative and adventurous side will call you to action this week. Listen to it. Every time you plunge into creativity or adventure, something joyful and surprising will happen. Don't listen to the naysayers because the universe supports you. Go your own way and ignore the circumstances. Cooking and baking is a good way for you to get creative and relax. Try a recipe that you've been putting off for a long time or experiment with products. Just trust your intuition and your heart and you will succeed.


Something you've been doing in the past is starting to bear fruit. Be prepared for this harvest season. This is not a time to rest. You'll have to work hard to make good use of what you've gained. If you feel the need, find time for creative activity. It can also be the beginning of a new path for you. Perhaps later, in 2024, something beautiful will grow from these seeds.

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