Four myths about Botox injections: what doctors don't tell you

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Four myths about Botox injections: what doctors don't tell you

More and more people want to include botulinum toxin injections in their cosmetic "diet". This is primarily due to the significant effectiveness of botulinum toxin therapy, in the case of course, when it is done correctly

But there are many controversial opinions and recommendations regarding preparation for injections, as well as rules of behavior after them. Today we will debunk four main myths about Botox injections

Myth One: You can't drink alcohol for 7-10 days

When a doctor injects botulinum toxin, the drug instantly enters the neuromuscular synapse, from where it cannot be removed in any way, including with alcohol. Only a person very far from medicine can give such "recommendations". Otherwise, botulism could be cured with a glass of good horse. But these are still unattainable for modern medicine -:)

Myth two: you need to keep an upright position for 4-5 hours, do not lie down or bend over

And yet, apparently, some cosmetologists dislike their clients for some reason, forcing them to stay upright for half a day. As we said, debunking the first myth, botulinum toxin enters the neuromuscular synapse. And the effect of the injections will last until the synapse is fully restored. Botulinum toxin is not found in human blood vessels, so, for example, blood flow to the head does not affect its effect

Myth three: forget about sauna and SPA treatments for a few weeks

I have to repeat myself, but botulinum toxin is not found in the human hematopoietic system, so any procedures aimed at expanding or narrowing blood vessels do not affect the duration or effectiveness of botulinum toxin

Myth four: you cannot have other cosmetic procedures

The very principle of Botox action is that, when it enters the neuromuscular synapse, it makes it impossible to transmit an impulse to the muscle; and the effect will last not until the Botox is removed from the body (which often happens within a week), but until the function of the neuromuscular synapse is restored. That is, Botox has been out of the body for a long time, but the effect is still there! So, no cosmetic procedures can prevent this.

Instead of conclusions

All these strange and ridiculous "warnings" lead me to only one conclusion: someone wants to be safe and, in case of failure, to blame the client for the lack of effect. Do you remember how when we buy a package tour to the seaside, we also buy insurance? But not everyone knows that if even a small dose of alcohol is detected in the blood, the insurance does not work, and therefore almost never works. This is about the same connection as between alcohol and Botox.

I do not put any prohibitions on my patients after the botulinum therapy procedure, because queens can do anything!

Be healthy, beautiful, and happy!

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