Four historical films about Ukraine that will touch your soul

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Historical films can help fight propaganda

In the context of the information war and the spread of false Kremlin propaganda, it is very important for Ukrainians to know their history and not to succumb to manipulation. Not only textbooks can help, but also historical films, where actors accurately conveyed not the dry facts of Ukrainian history, but the emotions of people.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 4 films that will touch your soul and make you think (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Kruty.1918 - 2019

As the title suggests, the film tells the story of the historic battle of Kruty in the winter of 1918 between the young military cadets of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the troops of Soviet Russia. A total of about 1,000 actors and 2,000 weapons were used in the shooting. Viewers will not be left indifferent to the scenes with the bravery of the young defenders and their fear of possible death.

Winter on Fire - 2015

The events of 10 years ago, still fresh in our memory, were not ignored by documentary filmmakers. The events of the Revolution of Dignity were filmed by 28 cameramen. American director Eugene Afineevsky told the story of the struggle for freedom of ordinary people without propaganda and cut scenes, relying on his own eyes and interviews with protesters.

The Slovo House - 2017

This is a documentary film that reveals one of the most dramatic pages of Ukrainian history-the extermination of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, who were specially assembled in a house shaped like the letter "S"- Slovo, The Word (Ukrainian). In Kharkov, prominent Ukrainian writers lived under one roof until tragedies began to happen there, for which the house was called a "crematorium.

Forbidden - 2019

The tragic story of the poet Vasily Stus, who could not accept the disempowerment of Ukrainians in the Soviet Union and defied the totalitarian system, became the subject of the historical film "Forbidden. The hero talked about what millions were afraid to say and, despite constant pressure and threats, did not stop fighting even in exile.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that it is known about the military drama "Mirny 21", which starred actor Pasha Lee, shot by Russian terrorists. For more details about why the film is called prophetic, read in the material.

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