Four countries may go underwater: what scientists predict

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Melting glaciers will cause terrible floods

Global warming threatens humanity with catastrophic consequences. Glaciers continue to melt, and the number of devastating floods is growing sharply across the globe.

Scientists have calculated the likelihood that half of the 215,000 glaciers that currently exist will disappear by the end of the century. The Science Alert publication explains the dangers of glacial melting and which countries could be submerged.

Glaciers have been formed from compressed snow for millions of years. Scientists have noted that meltwater accumulating under glaciers on land can accelerate ice loss.

In depressions and places with retreating ice, there is a risk of deep lakes and fast-flowing rivers forming. Water levels are rising due to the continuous loss of ice.

According to a new study by Caroline Taylor, a natural hazards researcher at Newcastle University in the UK, 15 million people live downstream of a glacial lake that could break through. It is currently difficult to predict the timing and scale of the disaster.

According to Caroline Taylor, floods associated with glacial lake outbursts occur so suddenly that, as they sweep through communities, they destroy all infrastructure and lead to the death of a huge number of people.

This is the first global study that "takes into account not only the physical conditions of the lake, but also the societal impacts and vulnerabilities that directly affect the risk of glacial lake outbursts".

The most vulnerable settlements are in the highlands of Asia. Scientists believe that glacial melting will pose the greatest danger to China and Pakistan. In particular, according to statistics, more than 2 million people in Pakistan live in close proximity to glacial lakes that are at risk of overflowing - which is, by the way, twice as many as in China.

But China's infrastructure will suffer more damage in the event of a disaster, as it has more glacial lakes.

The next most dangerous country is Peru. In general, the entire Andean mountainous area is very vulnerable. According to scientists, India will also suffer from floods if glaciers melt.

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