Forgiveness Sunday: what day is it celebrated in Ukraine and how to ask for forgiveness

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On this day, it is customary to make peace and eat dumplings

Every year, before the start of Great Lent, Orthodox Christians celebrate Forgiveness Sunday. On this day, people say goodbye to fasting food and ask for forgiveness for their mistakes and bad deeds. The holiday is transitional, meaning that it changes its date every time, so it is worth asking in advance when Forgiveness Sunday is in 2023.

OBOZREVATEL talks about the traditions of Forgiveness Sunday. It also gives the date when the holiday will take place this year.

When is Forgiveness Sunday in 2023?

The last day of the Maslenitsa celebration this year will be February 26. Accordingly, on this day, the Orthodox will celebrate Forgiveness Sunday. It is also known as Cheesefare Sunday or Maslenitsa Sunday. From the next day, believers are forbidden to eat meat, eggs, milk and dairy products. This ban will last until Easter. It is to its celebration that Forgiveness Sunday and a number of other Christian holidays are tied.

Traditions of Forgiveness Sunday

On this day, people say goodbye to winter. To do this, an effigy of winter was burned in the main square of the town or village. The bonfire was supposed to call for spring.

Also, on Forgiveness Sunday, in addition to pancakes, the main dish of Maslenitsa and a symbol of the sun, it was customary to eat dumplings with various fillings.

All food prepared for the holidays on Cheesefare Sunday should be finished. If you can't do it on your own, you should give the leftovers to the poor or burn them. They should not be thrown away, and from Monday, most of them will be banned because they contain lenten food.

How to ask for forgiveness on Forgiveness Sunday

According to Christian custom, before Great Lent, it was necessary to let go of all previous offences. And also to apologise for your bad deeds in order to enter the preparation for Easter with a pure soul. It is worth remembering who you had a quarrel with or said something bad to. These can be relatives, neighbours, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances. You need to apologise to everyone.

People also apologised to each other for no reason, if they did not notice or forgot about the offence. This took the form of a ritual dialogue:

- Forgive me!

- God forgives!

- And forgive me again!

- God forgives!

- And a third time, forgive me!

- God forgives and I forgive!

A separate rite was practised in the family. All the relatives gathered and went to visit the eldest or the oldest. There, everyone bowed to each other, asked for forgiveness and hugged each other as a sign of reconciliation.

On Forgiveness Sunday, people also say goodbye to deceased relatives. To do this, they visit their graves in the cemetery. During this time, you also apologise for all the bad things that happened between you.

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