if youth knew, if age could: secrets of longevity

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if youth knew, if age could: secrets of longevity

I often come to my hometown to visit my mother, who is 80 years old. Therefore, every meeting with her is also a meeting with her friends who are still there and sometimes go out into the city.

They are all about the same age or younger, and they often tell me about their "sores", their home store, and sometimes the waterfront.

I give them all advice on health, nutrition, and treatment. They listen to my advice about treatment, and when I tell them about nutrition and recommendations to walk every day, they answer with a smile: "Oh, Oksana, I'm old, I don't have the strength / my knees/back hurts /" and about food – "I can't get enough of what you say / I like fried food / my husband won't eat that, give him chops." And at the same time, they have a sore on top of a sore.

It's not easy to change your views on lifestyle in your older age. "My mother's friends say, 'Well, what do you want, I'm 75, I'm not a girl'.

Today, I heard a story about how one of her friends came to her family doctor and complained of discomfort with urination and asked if she could do something about it, to which the doctor replied, "Have you looked in your passport long ago? Have you forgotten how old you are?" to which she replied, "Long ago." "How old are you? What do you want, that's your age!"

Society indeed considers people 70+ to be old. But people also make a lot of effort to be so.

  • So I have an ambitious goal to change this state of affairs.
  • No one but us can change it.
  • No one but us will put our health first.

Because when I treated my mother's friend today to a soup of vegetables and oatmeal with small meatballs, without any oil, butter or sour cream, she said it was very tasty, and very "dietary," that she used to eat like that when she was on a diet because she had Botkin's. She was very surprised that such "dietary" food is in my diet and I don't have any pain. That I don't eat fried meat, don't buy white fluffy buns, and "have the willpower to make myself do exercises."

I also understand that I will change at 75, but I would like to be an example of such changes when I have a healthy body, and there are many examples of such healthy active older people in the world.

We spend our whole lives studying, making a career, and achieving material wealth, but the most valuable good is our healthy life. Without being overweight, without a heavy sick body, without pain, without a handful of medications.

This is not done in a day or a month, as I tell my patients all the time – we do not treat only liver steatosis or impaired cholesterol metabolism, we correct metabolic disorders.

That's why the call to eat various vegetables, fruits, leaves, berries, nuts, and seeds is one of the "golden keys" to the door of longevity. As well as calls to exercise your muscles every day, because movement is a cure for many diseases, they just have such a "mobile" form:) or to learn to sleep well, because poor sleep is also a risk. Do not smoke. Take care of your "golden fund" of health.

  • Believe in yourself!
  • Believe when your weight is 100+ kg when you are 65+ and it seems that the "train has gone" when you were told the diagnosis you were afraid to hear.
  • Believe when no one around believes.
  • Faith ignites those around you.

Only we can change our lives.

Maybe someday, in my 90s, I will visit a doctor and he will offer me a new joint so that I can continue dancing:)

Love your life, because there is no other duplicate:)

P.S. This is me doing the exercises; someone might say it's clumsy, but I do them every day and I improve with every swing of my leg.

Do you believe that Ukraine can become a country of long-livers? And what do we need to do for this?)

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