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A Tibetan Mastiff, Dog de Bordeaux or Corgi will cost its owner a pretty penny

A healthy dog with a strong and stable psyche is a great pet, and you will share many wonderful moments with it. But who can guarantee that the cute puppy you bring home will have these qualities? To a large extent, they can be provided by the animal's origin. A dog from good parents, bred in a trusted kennel, is likely to have a good character and abilities. The flip side of the coin is the price of the puppy.

OBOZREVATEL talks about seven dog breeds that sometimes cost as much as a car. These can be both giant creatures and small dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff - up to $8,000


This giant was bred in the mountains of Tibet to protect livestock from predators such as wolves, leopards, and bears. Males of the breed can reach 70 kg in weight and really fight off the fiercest predators. The high cost of the Tibetan Mastiff is due to the difficulty of keeping such a dog - it needs long walks and careful care of the coat. In addition, it is prone to a whole list of diseases - hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye abnormalities. However, in response to care, the dog will give his owners endless devotion and tenderness worthy of any money.

Löwchen - up to $7,000


The breed, also known as the little lion dog, was bred in France more than 500 years ago. By the middle of the twentieth century, it had become one of the rarest in the world, with only 65 representatives left. Now this number has increased to 300, which is still not much, hence the price. Leghorns are very sociable, active, and playful, so they are ideal for families with children. They also boast excellent health and a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

Pharaoh Hound - up to $7,000


The breed got its "Egyptian" name because of the external resemblance to the images of the god Anubis, although these dogs are European in origin and are also called Maltese hunting dogs. The first mention of them is found in Malta in the middle of the 17th century. They are very intelligent and athletic creatures. The breed's weak point is its health - Pharaoh's dogs are extremely sensitive to stress and prone to digestive and nervous system problems.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - up to $1,500


The high cost of these dogs is due to their "royal" history. Corgis were the favorites of the late Queen Elizabeth II and are generally among the favorites of the British royal family. The history of the breed goes back more than a thousand years. They are very intelligent, energetic and friendly creatures. They are also very brave for their small size.

Dogue de Bordeaux - up to $1,200


The huge breed, also known as the French Mastiff, looks very threatening because of its large head and characteristic bite. However, by nature, Bordeaux dogs are very calm and loyal dogs. They make excellent bodyguards, because Bordeaux, unlike most guard dogs, tend to be vigilant rather than aggressive towards strangers. Representatives of the breed literally adore their family. However, it requires a lot of effort to raise and maintain health.

Saluki - up to $2,500


A very ancient breed, also known as the Persian Greyhound or Gazelle dog. Some researchers suggest that these graceful dogs have been around for over 5000 years. It is known that the Bedouins of the Middle East bred them for hunting in the desert sands. To this day, Salukis have survived as very proud and independent, but at the same time gentle and loyal dogs. However, raising these dogs requires a lot of effort, because often the hunter's instinct prevails over obedience.

Chow Chow - up to $1,000


Another very ancient breed, but this time it comes from China. Shaggy giants are most often compared to lions or bears. And Chow Chows are indeed capable of showing alertness and even aggression towards strangers, just like wild animals. At the same time, they love their family very loyally. Among the breed's disadvantages are poor health, excessive stubbornness, and low learning abilities compared to other dogs.

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