"Follow the Russian ship": Ukrainians address Belarusians at the border and call clumsy information and psychological operations "crap". Video

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Ukrainians appeal to Belarusians on the border

Employees of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine have once again appealed to the Belarusian side. The defenders of our border called the clumsy PSYOPs conducted by Belarus in recent years "crap".

Belarusian border guards were also shown the way to follow the Russian ship. OBOZREVATEL has the video in its possession (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The Ukrainian military has once again reminded that Belarus supports the terrorist country Russia and assists the Kremlin in its war against the Ukrainian people. Belarusian border guards were also accused of being influenced by Russian propaganda.

The appeal also said that Belarusians would not fight against Ukrainians, because true Belarusians oppose the arbitrariness of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. The border guards of Belarus were also urged to get rid of the template of being "patient" and agreeing to everything, because without this, they would face a tragedy.

"Your miserable PSYOP is crap. Your attempts to convince us that you are good and peaceful neighbours are even more bullshit. And shit is when you build your future on blood and threats. We have no desire to prove anything to you. Follow the Russian ship," the message reads.


As a reminder, Belarusian border guards staged a new "gastronomic attack" on the border with Ukraine. This time, they used vodka. The Belarusians played a new audio recording calling on the Ukrainian military to join their side, adding a well-known alcoholic beverage to the previous "lures" - borscht and bacon.

Earlier, Belarusian border guards cynically appealed to Ukrainians to go over to their side, talking about the "unity of peoples" and a common future with the occupiers, arguing that they shared a "common dish" - borsch.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukrainian border guards responded to the Belarusian "gastronomic" appeal. Ukrainian soldiers denied the similarity between Ukrainian and Belarusian borscht, noting that Belarusian borscht has now become too similar to Russian cabbage soup and prison balanda.

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