Flowers will come to life before our eyes: the best fertilizers for violets are named

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How to fertilize violets

Graceful violets will become a real home decoration. However, these seemingly unpretentious plants require careful maintenance. It is important not only to protect the flowers from drafts and ensure optimal watering but also to take care of useful fertilization.

Violets need mineral and organic fertilizers. Read the OBOZ.UA article on how to fertilize flowers so that they instantly come to life.

How to fertilize violets

Mineral fertilizers are needed during the growth and flowering period. They give a quick effect, but they should be used very carefully – the active ingredients can burn the roots if you do not follow the dosage recommendations. Mineral fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which promote healthy growth and bright flowering.

Organic fertilizers are needed to improve the soil structure and stimulate the development of the root system. Florists recommend using humus, compost, vermicompost, or algae extract.

You can also choose universal liquid complex fertilizers that provide plants with all the necessary trace elements and nutrients. You should buy mixtures labeled "for violets" or "for flowering plants".

Rules for fertilizing

Potash fertilizers are optimal during the flowering period. Potassium will increase plant resistance and help retain moisture.

Florists also recommend trying coffee fertilization. Coffee grounds are an easy and affordable way to saturate plants with potassium, nitrogen, and other nutrients.

Don't overfeed violets and mix different types of fertilizers – this can have the opposite effect.

It is better to fertilize at the root, using warm, settled water.

After fertilizing, spray the violets with water.

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