Five life hacks to help get things in your apartment in order before holidays

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How to tidy up your apartment for the holidays

Traditionally, it is customary to do a general cleaning on the eve of Christmas and the New Year. December is a busy month when every minute counts: you need to finish work, prepare gifts, decorate your home, and then there's cleaning, which always takes too much time.

Several life hacks will help you save time and money and speed up the cleaning process. RSVP Live has shared the details.

Life hack №1

Christmas cleaning is one of the most tedious tasks at the end of the year. The first tip concerns the installation of a permanent holiday attribute, the Christmas tree. If you decide to buy a real tree for Christmas this year, remove the netting as soon as you get home. Then place the tree in a bucket of water outside to rehydrate and let the branches settle. When the tree is sufficiently moistened, bring it inside and place it away from radiators so that it does not dehydrate. This way, the needles will fall off less and you can save time on daily cleaning.

Life hack №2

The holiday season is a time for sweets, gingerbread and Christmas pies. Boxes of candy will be scattered around the house, especially if you have children. And there is a high probability that someone will stain the sofa with chocolate. No need for unnecessary stress. To remove the annoying stain, wipe off as much of the hardened chocolate as possible, then dilute the dishwashing liquid with water and wipe the stain with a sponge to rinse the fabric.

Life hack №3

Christmas is a time for family gatherings and pleasant conversations at the festive table. So you'll probably use your cutting board a lot. To disinfect the surface and get rid of unpleasant odors, you can freshen the board with lemon. Just cut the lemon in half and wipe the surface.

Life hack №4

You may also need to clean the oven. Burnt grease, dirt, and food residues settle on the walls and racks under the influence of high temperatures, and it is quite difficult to clean them even with expensive chemicals. Common salt will do the trick. Try to sprinkle salt on spilled food or grease splashes as soon as possible to make it easier to clean the stain after the oven has cooled down.

Life hack №5

No time to steam or iron your clothes for Christmas? A dryer will come in handy. Put the wrinkled clothes in the dryer with 3-4 ice cubes and run it on a short cycle. The ice cubes will melt and create steam in the dryer, thus straightening the fabric.

And if you don't have a dryer, a simple spray will help you iron your clothes. To know how to prepare and use it, read the article.

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