Five films that became a "curse" for actors: mysticism haunted them

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Actors complained of feeling unwell and monstrous coincidences

Very often after watching a horror film we exhale with relief, realizing that this is just a fantasy of the screenwriter, and it will never happen in real life. But it happens that actors have to pay the price for shooting thrillers. Self-inflicted or monstrous coincidences ruined the lives of world celebrities.

OBOZREVATEL tells the real stories that happened during the filming of famous horror movies. They really scared the actors and crew, leaving behind a lot of questions.

"Poltergeist," 1982

The horror film directed by Taub Hooper with a screenplay by Steven Spielberg got a bad reputation. The fact that for the filming of films used real human bones, because it was much cheaper than to make skeletons of plastic. Many of the actors have learned this information only after the release of the horror. As it turned out, this decision led to tragic consequences. So, first, a terrible situation happened to Dominique Dunne, who played Dana Freeling. On October 30, 1982, the celebrity was killed by her rejected admirer. And on February 1, 1988, 12-year-old Heather Michelle O'Rourke died in a San Diego hospital. The girl was misdiagnosed.


"The Crow," 1994.

As soon as we started shooting the thriller "The Crow", all the participants who worked on the film, faced with strange things: a hurricane, broken equipment, injuries to actors. However, March 31, 1993 there was a mishap that shook all of Hollywood. Michael Massey shot Brandon Lee, who played the main character. By tragic accident in the trunk of stuck plug, which none of the crew did not notice, and the actor died a few hours later in the hospital from the wound. Brandon was 28 years old. Filming was suspended for some time, but the tape was dosniprofilm, using the double of Lee and computer technology.


"Omen," 1976.

On the first day of shooting the horror film "Omen", the director of the motion picture Richard Donner was involved in a car accident. A little later, the performer of the role of adoptive father Damian Thorne Gregory Peck miraculously did not die during an air flight. His plane was struck by lightning. A few months later, Peck was again on the verge of death. The star had to fly on a commercial flight to Israel, but he refused to fly because of the lack of time. This saved the actor. The plane, a short time after takeoff, crashed. No one survived.


"The Exorcism of Emily Rose", 2005

The film, directed by Scott Derrickson, is based on the real events of 1976, when a German woman, Annelise Michel, died during an exorcism. Actress Jennifer Carpenter, who played the role of Emily Rose, told reporters in one of her interviews about the frightening oddities that happened to her during filming. Every night in the room the girl turned on the radio and the receiver is constantly playing the same eerie song. Another actress from the tape in the room by himself turned on the TV, which also every time scared the star.


"The Lords of Salem," 2012

Although no one was injured during the filming, the actors often complained of ill health and anxiety. Episodes of the film were filmed in an abandoned Los Angeles hospital "Linda Vista". Once the performer of one of the roles was hysterical, proving that she had seen a ghost in one of the rooms. Another celebrity, on the other hand, could not overcome a headache and the feeling that she was constantly being followed by evil spirits.


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