Five zodiac signs will be lucky this week: Chinese horoscope

Bull, Pig, Horse, Rabbit and Snake should be lucky in love this week

The energy of the week of February 12-18 is very stormy and anyone can try their luck. However, those born under the five signs of the Chinese zodiac will be the luckiest.

This week's I Ching love hexagram is Mountain over Water (#4). It reminds us that Valentine's Day can come and go and public opinion can change, but feelings remain. If we make the wrong decisions, we are the only ones responsible for their consequences. Thus, try your luck and don't let others convince you to do something stupid. You can find out if your sign is among the lucky ones below.


If you're single, your luck in love this week depends on how open you are in communication and whether you hold on to your deep-seated fears and anxieties. Let your loved ones be there for you, especially if you are worried about your prospects in love. Free yourself and let the universe work miracles for you.

If you are in a relationship, prepare to be surprised this week. Your significant other may even throw you a surprise party or an impromptu trip. You are in for some unexpected pleasant surprises on Valentine's Day as well.


Single representatives of this sign have a choice this week. You can accept the energy of love and let your luck work miracles in a mysterious way or you can stay alone and arrange a romantic date with yourself. Both options will cheer you up equally.

Representatives of the sign who are in a relationship should not compare their relationships with those of others. Your luck in love this week depends on whether you focus solely on your significant other and what you are building together. Staying at home together will be better for you than going out.


The energy of success this week will bless your personal life. Dress fashionably and go out into the world. You will have great experiences and interesting acquaintances that can put an end to your loneliness.

If you are in a relationship, you should go out with your significant other and enjoy the various events that are organized in honor of Valentine's Day. Your shared happiness will be better revealed in this atmosphere and you will become closer to each other. And the sensuality in your relationship will increase.


Those who are single should become the best version of themselves. Attract attention. Let love and self-care, as well as your self-confidence, pave the way. The success in love that awaits you will be worth it.

Rabbits who are in a couple can count on many holiday gifts. It can be either cute little things or something really valuable. Be grateful for every surprise and the universe will notice you.


Someone special is watching you. Thus, show courage and kindness to make this person feel comfortable getting closer to you. Fate wants to bring you closer together, so give it this opportunity and don't push your chance away.

For those who are in a relationship, it is not recommended to let others convince you to give up the celebrations. You are very lucky right now, so honor it with a romantic date. But if you see that you've made a mistake in choosing a person, now is also a good time to let go of this relationship and go in search of true happiness.

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