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Cinematic bloopers in Hollywood movies

Few people know, but even in cult films that are considered masterpieces of world cinema, there are amusing bloopers. Often they are associated with scientific inaccuracies. Only the most attentive viewers noticed these blunders, and when told to the rest of us, the question arose, "How could such talented and brilliant filmmakers have made such absurd mistakes?"

Despite the cinematic blunders, these Hollywood films have managed to become blockbusters, winning many prestigious awards and fame around the world. We can only wonder if the filmmakers were ashamed of these silly mistakes or maybe they made them on purpose. OBOZREVATEL tells about some of them.

"The Shawshank Redemption"

Perhaps one of the greatest films in the history of world cinema. However, screenwriter and director Frank Darabont failed to notice a significant gaffe in it before it was shown on wide screens. Instead, it was brought to the attention of chess-playing audiences. Whenever the main characters in the picture are busy playing, you can see the bottom right cell of the board is black, whereas in all normal chess, that cell is white. That is, the banker Andy Dufresne, who has high intelligence, for some reason arranged the pieces not across, but along the board.


"Back to the Future"

A blooper in the cult movie "Back to the Future" was noticed by rock 'n' roll fans. The scene where Marty McFly "invents" this genre of music in 1955 sins with a professional movie gaffe. The Gibson ES-345 guitar, on which the main character played, was not created until 1958.


"Saving Private Ryan."

Another legendary film in which a number of inaccuracies can be found. One of them is extremely common in movies that feature guns, gunfights, or wars. Think of the scene where the German sniper notices a soldier shooting at him. He sees the flash, hears the sound of the shot, and a split second later gets shot in the eye. Inattentive Steven Spielberg forgot that the bullet flies at supersonic speed, so the man dying from the shot cannot hear it beforehand.


"Pearl Harbor"

When handsome Josh Hartnett, or rather his character Captain Daniel Walker, rides his girlfriend Evelyn Johnson on an airplane, viewers can watch the two characters chatting sweetly about flying, the beauty of the sunset sky, and more. Except that in real life, they would have to yell in each other's ears through a horn, because the propeller fighter they were flying in makes an incredible rumble. Moreover, the pilot, trying to win the girl's heart, demonstrates his piloting skills and does a "barrel roll" in the sky, after which Evelyn somehow miraculously retains a beautiful style.



In this film, the costumers got it wrong by as much as four centuries. It turns out that in the 13th century the Scots did not yet wear skirts-kilts. But Mel Gibson's character appears before the audience in it.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, in the 16th episode of the 34th season of the cartoon series "The Simpsons" mocked Vladimir Putin, his dictatorial policies and the long negotiating table. The scriptwriters of the comedy created an allusion to the tyrant that was easily recognized by viewers from Ukraine.

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