"Fascists. They committed genocide": Russian national footballer curses Putin and Lukashenko, wishing them to be tried

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Karpova outraged by Lukashenko's words

Russian national footballer Nadezhda Karpova has reacted sharply to the hypocritical words of self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that he and dictator Vladimir Putin are "co-aggressors". The Spanish Espanyol striker did not hesitate to address politicians, calling them the perpetrators of genocide.


Karpova wrote about this on her Instagram page. The 27-year-old native of Yaroslavl called for an end to Vladimir Putin's aggression against Ukraine and expressed confidence that the Kremlin leader would be put in jail.


"You are f*cking bastards! You are the abomination, you are the ones who committed genocide. You are the ones who need to be judged. You are not just 'toxic', you are f*cking fascists who have no place in the modern world. And I hope you will get what you deserve. Because good always triumphs over evil. F*ck Putin! F*ck the war!" Nadezhda wrote.


Earlier, Karpova condemned her native country's military aggression against Ukraine and berated dictator Vladimir Putin. Recall that the day before Putin and Lukashenko had a meeting in Minsk, during which the Russian president convinced the Belarusian leader to join the war.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Vladimir Putin after his meeting with Alexander Lukashenko assessed the World Cup final, which made him "unable to resist" calling the Argentine president.

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