Famous Ukrainian climber shares how to stay warm without heating

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How to quickly warm up without heating and electricity

Ukrainians are facing another hard winter. Experts predict that the Russians will target critical infrastructure facilities again in an attempt to organize another blackout.

It is important to stock up on warm clothes in advance and be prepared for extreme conditions. Hennadiy Kopeika, President of the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of the Kharkiv region, and international master of sports in mountaineering, told Ukrainian Radio. Kharkiv what additional means will help to keep warm without heating.


Layered clothing will help keep you warm. Thermal underwear and underwear should not hinder movement, so choose the right size. You should wear a shirt, sweater, or woolen garment that retains heat well.


The climber says that movement helps to survive in extreme conditions. If you stop for a few minutes in sub-zero temperatures, you immediately start to feel cold. You should also move if you feel that your limbs are starting to freeze. Avoid numbness in your fingers and toes as this is the first sign of frostbite. Get your blood circulating by squatting, waving your arms, etc.


Choose thick soles and follow the rules of layering. Wear a pair of socks but remember that there has to be some space in the shoes as the foot should not be too tight. There is a risk of frostbite if the circulation is impaired.

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is not a marketing ploy. These things really keep you warm. If possible, you should always have a spare pair of thermal underwear to help you in case you sweat. Wet clothes don't keep you warm, but they can make you very cold.


Warm drinks will help keep you warm. It is better to avoid alcohol as it has a short-term effect. It creates an illusion: you feel warm now, but then the cold is felt more strongly some time later. Climbers never use alcohol to warm up because it thins the blood.

Additional energy sources

The climber recommends stocking up on some source of energy. For example, a small gas burner, a torch, etc. An important warning: you need to be very careful with this gas. If the flame goes out, you can suffocate. Small burners can help to heat water or food.


Food is a source of energy that can also keep you warm. If you feel hungry, there is a risk that you will simply faint at low air temperatures.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA shared what clothes will protect you from the cold best.

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