Fake documents and gold bars: photos of Prigozhin's home searches are published

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Russian media showed photos from Prigozhin's house

The Russian security forces conducted searches in the mansion and office of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner PMC. In the terrorist's building, they found an arsenal of weapons, stacks of currency, gold bars, fake documents, a medical office, and a personal "prayer room".

Images of the searches were published by Russian propagandists on Wednesday, July 5. Prigozhin's two-story mansion was full of everything. It "coexisted" with a wig closet and a gym, a sledgehammer "for negotiations" and many icons, a pile of weapons and a piano, a pool, a sauna, expensive furniture and framed photos with severed heads of Syrians.


The released video shows Russian security forces bursting into the courtyard of Prigozhin's mansion. The large courtyard has its own helipad.

There are many offices with computer equipment and an assembly hall.

In addition, judging by the footage, boxes of weapons and ammunition, bars of gold, stacks of currency, and fake passports were found in the mansion.


In the house, Prigozhin set up a "personal church" with many icons, a large candlestick, and a table for prayer. We don't know whether he had purged his sins here, or whether it was just for show.


At the same time, during a search of Prigozhin's home, a framed photograph was found showing the severed heads of Syrian fighters.


As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, Russian media published that on July 4, Prigozhin personally arrived in St. Petersburg, where the weapons seized during the searches were returned to him.

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