Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

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Interesting and unusual delicacies

Live larvae, stinking fruit and fried cockroaches... All of this is more disgusting than a desire to dine. However, real daredevils sometimes dare to try strange foreign delicacies and appreciate their unusual taste. If you're one of those gourmets, here's a selection of the most interesting "goodies" from around the world.

Live octopus sushi, South Korea

You've probably already heard of this dish, but we couldn't ignore it. In fact, octopus is popular in many countries. They are marinated in a sweet and sour sauce and eaten simply salted, added to soups, pasta, salads, fried, stewed... In short, there are many recipes. But the Koreans have found something to surprise tourists.

Live octopus sushi is served very extravagantly. The chef cuts the mollusk into pieces right on your table, seasoning it with spices, sometimes pouring sauce and inviting you to taste the dish. At this point, the tentacles are still moving and can even suck into your mouth or esophagus. This is very dangerous, so beginners are advised to chew their delicacy thoroughly to avoid getting into trouble.

Of course, this dish has more familiar counterparts. For example, if you don't want to eat an octopus alive, you can order a pickled mollusk. It will definitely not move, and the taste of this dish is quite delicate and pleasant.

Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

Turducken, USA

It would seem that there is nothing strange about this dish, just meat stuffed with other meat. But now imagine how it actually looks like.

You take a large turkey. It is cleaned well from the inside, sometimes the bones are still removed. Then it is greased with oil or butter with seasonings and salt. Next, it is stuffed with a whole chicken, which in turn is stuffed with apples, boiled eggs, minced meat, lemon, or any other filling you like.

This dish is stewed for 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size and temperature of the oven. This delicacy is usually prepared for Thanksgiving. By the way, you can find many videos on the Internet of parents making fun of their children who try this turkey for the first time and don't know about the "surprise" inside.

By the way, Britain has its own analog of turducken, called "royal roast". It is made from 5 birds: turkey, goose, chicken, pheasant, and pigeon.

Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

Natto, Japan

Japanese cuisine is incredibly popular among Ukrainians. Almost every city in our country has at least one restaurant that treats guests to the dishes of the eastern country. However, you won't find natto, the most common breakfast among Japanese people, on their menus. Let us explain why this happened.

This delicacy is actually considered easy to prepare and very cheap. It is found in almost every Japanese apartment. Natto is a dish made from fermented soybeans. It is rich in fiber and vitamins, so it is often given to children.

However, these benefits do not overcome the simply awful flavor of this breakfast. For foreigners who are not accustomed to this smell, tasting the dish is a real challenge. The sticky and slippery texture is even more off-putting.

If you do decide to try natto, we recommend eating it with rice, spicy sauce or wasabi. This will significantly improve the taste.

Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

Moose nose stew, Alaska

This unusual and very exclusive dish can be tasted in Alaska. The natural conditions of this region are harsh. It is difficult to raise livestock or even hunt here. Constant frosts and strong winds make the locals very resourceful in terms of food. Of course, nowadays food is delivered to Alaska on a regular basis, but the situation was completely different in the past. That's when moose nose stew was invented.

It is prepared in the same way as the usual jelly. The meat is cut and cooked over low heat for several hours with garlic and spices. Then the broth is cooled, filtered, and poured over the pieces of meat.

This dish is usually prepared for the holidays. By the way, you can try it in some restaurants with national cuisine. There you can also taste sausage and roasted elk meat.

Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

Escamoles, Mexico

Not every tourist can afford to try this delicacy. And the point is not that escamoles is an unusual dish, but the cost of this product.

But let's take it one step at a time. Escamoles are ant larvae. Like ordinary fish caviar, they are salted or marinated in oil. The dish has a very rich flavor with nutty notes.

By the way, larvae are not allowed to be exported. So they can only be tasted in Mexico. They are expensive, but it's worth it. The delicacy is served in many restaurants, because it is considered the pride of the country.

Extreme and extravagant dishes: what to try if you want something unusual while traveling

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