"Everything is developing according to the worst-case scenario": the Russian commander's instructions during the "sabotage and reconnaissance group" operation in the Belgorod region were leaked online

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Details of combat operations that took place on the territory of Belgorod Oblast

A local operation by volunteers of the Russian Legion of Freedom and the Russian Volunteer Corps in Belgorod Oblast caused confusion and consternation among local authorities and the occupying army. It revealed how unprotected the Russian border is and how unprepared the Russian military is to resist enemy infiltration.

The commander of the Russian Armed Forces unit that countered the sabotage and reconnaissance group made hysterical statements about the developments. The author of the Telegram channel "Spy Dossier" had at his disposal a video with an audio recording of the commander's instructions to his subordinates, which he handed out over the phone in the evening of May 22.

The presence of a lot of foul language, practically every word, only emphasizes the nervousness of the Russian warlord.

"Attention again, f*ck! Don't joke about the situation. In Belgorod, things are developing so far according to the worst f*cking scenario. It looks like there's more than one direction of approach. Everybody pay attention, get everything ready to f*cking work. Everybody f*cking get into position," the Russian commander yells.


The audio recording provides some details of the combat operations that took place in Belgorod Oblast. The commander told his subordinates about how the sabotage and reconnaissance groups acted:

"They came in first shelled, people hid, then they came in and started f*cking under the cover of artillery, practically hand-to-hand, fucking shoot at point-blank range. So don't f*ckin' miss this moment."

It is also possible to track events held by the Russian Armed Forces on the record. They were all organized spontaneously, with sometimes strange orders.

For example, a Russian commander orders to prepare artillery "for pre-planned targets".


As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Main Directorate of Intelligence pointed out Moscow's lies about the fighting in the Belgorod region. There is panic, chaos, and uncertainty on the part of the Russian authorities in the region, while the local population sympathizes with the Russian volunteers. And Moscow's statements about alleged "great losses" among the "nationalists" are a propaganda fake.

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