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EU plans to strictly regulate the use of artificial intelligence

The European Parliament is preparing a number of proposals aimed at strictly regulating the use of artificial intelligence. All initiatives supported by MEPs may become part of the European Artificial Intelligence Act in the future.

Among other things, it is planned to restrict the use of copyright by developers, as well as the misuse of AI, Financial Time reports.

The European Parliament wants AI developers to make publicly available information on whether chatbots use copyrighted materials. As it is known, intellectual property protection in the EU is strictly controlled, so it is possible that the proposed initiatives will become part of the Artificial Intelligence Law in the future.

In addition, the European Parliament requires that AI developers, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, do not conceal information that their products use copyrighted materials to train AI. MEPs explained that such a rule is necessary to enable copyright holders to demand payment from AI developers.

Moreover, it is planned to introduce liability for the misuse of artificial intelligence by end users. However, the European Parliament clarified that such liability should be borne by AI developers.

It is also proposed to ban the use of AI for face recognition in public places. However, the European Union is confident that under pressure from law enforcement agencies, individual countries will not introduce a complete ban on the use of AI in biometrics. In addition, the European Parliament may also introduce a ban on the use of artificial intelligence to predict the work of law enforcement agencies and create crime algorithms.

The final law on artificial intelligence in the European Union is expected to be adopted by the end of 2024.

As a reminder, Clearview AI, an American startup developing artificial intelligence technology, plans to introduce similar innovations in the Ukrainian customs and banking sectors. In addition, the company may open an office in Ukraine with local IT specialists.

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