Elixir of youth and health: a unique procedure available to everyone

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Elixir of youth and health: a unique procedure available to everyone

Today we will talk about a truly unique procedure - plasmolifting; we will understand its beneficial effects on the body, contraindications, and compare it with other types of injection techniques.

Indications for the plasmolifting procedure

  • appearance of fine facial wrinkles;
  • manifestation of skin ptosis
  • age-related skin changes
  • decreased skin turgor

It is worth noting that the procedure can be performed even without the above problems, in order to prevent age-related changes and boost immunity.

The principle of plasmolifting is based on the emergence of new cells in the skin, which are formed from stem cells. The procedure accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, as well as improves metabolic processes.

How the procedure works

In the clinic, a doctor or nurse collects the patient's venous blood into a special test tube. Then this tube is placed in a centrifuge, the correct parameters of the device are set, and thus plasma is separated. After that, the plasma is injected as a biorevitalizer or mesococktail.

An interesting detail: the quality of the procedure does not depend on the manufacturer and technical characteristics of the tubes used. When you are told that "we have the best tubes," remember: the main thing is to perform the procedure itself with high quality, and the result will depend on this.


The procedure has very few contraindications, the main ones being serious blood diseases and some infections. That's why I always do a rapid infection test for each patient before the procedure: this way we know for sure that we will benefit from the procedure, not harm.

One-time or course treatment

To achieve the ideal result, I recommend a course of 4-6 procedures with an interval of 10-14 days. But even after 1-2 procedures, most patients see positive changes.

The result

  • healthy complexion, moisturized and elastic skin;
  • smoothing of facial wrinkles;
  • improved results in the treatment of acne;
  • smoothing of small scars and scars;
  • skin lightening;
  • reduction of hair loss.

Advantages of plasmolifting over biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is performed with a drug, plasmolifting is performed only with a natural ingredient - plasma made from the patient's own blood. That is why, in the absence of blood diseases, allergic or other adverse reactions are never observed after the procedure.

It is worth knowing that a platelet carries a huge amount of useful substances, no drug, even the most expensive one, can compare with it. Human plasma contains large amounts of growth factors, vitamins, minerals, hormones and enzymes.

Plasma injections trigger the body's natural recovery processes, can be performed at any age, and have no restrictions on the number of procedures.

Be healthy, beautiful and happy!

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