"Dressing gown" for UAH 10,000: Ukraine's ambassador to Bulgaria gets into a scandal over a "spicy" outfit, opinions on the web are divided. Photo.

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Ukrainians are outraged by Ilashchuk's lack of diplomatic experience

Extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Bulgaria Olesya Ilashchuk was in the spotlight because of her outfit. The official recorded an address, appearing in front of the camera wearing a blouse with national motifs in blue and yellow, which reminded the audience of a home robe. Some Ukrainians were outraged by the ambassador's outfit, while others defended Ilashchuk.

Thus, a video with the appeal appeared on the embassy's Facebook page. Journalist Serhiy Sydorenko commented on Olesya's appearance, noting that she should be more careful when choosing a dress code (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the page).

"I have always been a supporter of the fact that binding formality in clothing, ties and all this is mostly old-fashioned bullshit. But. The official address of the ambassador in a bathrobe, I confess, exceeds the wildest expectations. P.S. I just ask you not to swear in the comments," Sydorenko wrote in his personal blog.


The media outlet provoked a heated discussion in the comments section. Many people supported the man, generously showering Ilashchuk with criticism and sarcasm. But there were also those who did not understand Serhiy's indignation, praising the Ukrainian ambassador's embroidered shirt.

"This is not just a dressing gown, but a very beautiful one", "And the authorities did not care about the people's outrage. What a shame", "If the clothes need explanation, then they are inappropriate", "The ambassador is a geisha. The only copy, an exclusive, so to speak", "Have you seen the robe? It's a beautiful dress. It's called a dress to smell", "A robe? Well, that's the criticism. Beautiful embroidery and at the beginning of the video she is wearing a suit", "I don't understand the hate, it's a beautiful dress", Ukrainians write.

By the way, this "dressing gown" turned out to be a "velvet blouse with golden flower embroidery", as written on the brand's website. The manufacturer specialises in Ukrainian national costumes - dresses, suits and embroidered shirts. The stores are located in two cities - Kyiv and Lviv. The price of this item is UAH 10,350.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un brought his daughter Kim Joo-ae to the missile range wearing a Dior luxury brand outfit. The girl's jacket costs about $3 thousand. And while the people of the DPRK live in poverty, the leader does not refuse to buy expensive things for his family.

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