Don't make these mistakes: an expert names the worst things you can do to your lawn in spring

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How to water your lawn properly

It's a busy time for gardeners. Nature is beginning to revive after its winter sleep, and soon the lawns will be covered with the first greenery. One of the main conditions for a high-quality lawn coating is timely watering, because without it, the grass will become uneven, dry and painful.

It often happens that, despite all efforts, the green surface grows sparse and dull. Express has explained how to properly water the lawn in the spring and not spoil it.

Spring lawn watering

It's important to water your lawn properly before the start of the growing season. Watering may seem like a fairly simple procedure, but the nuances of when and how often to water can lead to excessive weed growth or even fungal diseases such as root rot.

Dakota-Rae Westvir, a gardening specialist at Get Sunday, explained what mistakes to look out for when watering your lawn and how to fix them.

Check the equipment

The first step is to check the sprinkler system and make sure that nothing was damaged during the winter. Displaced sprinkler heads can lead to uneven watering of the lawn. In addition, thoroughly checking your garden equipment and maintaining it regularly will save you money in the long run.

Carefully inspect the drainage pipes to check for clogs, cracks, or breaks.

The best time to water

It is best to water your lawn before 10 am to avoid water loss through evaporation.

You should avoid watering during the hottest part of the day, as most of the water will be lost before it reaches the grass roots. Drops of water remaining on the grass in the heat can cause leaf burns.

The most important reason, however, is that excess water on grass lawns can create an ideal environment for fungal diseases to develop, as spores thrive in moist and warm conditions. Therefore, evening watering is also not considered optimal.

Watering frequency

Irregular watering can cause the grass to become dry and lose color, but daily watering will not do any good either.

"Daily watering makes the lawn vulnerable to fungi, diseases, and weeds," Vestvir explained. She advises moistening the grass several days a week, taking into account natural precipitation.

Short, shallow watering does not penetrate the root zone, which inhibits plant growth and development.

It is quite easy to check if it is time to water. Experienced gardeners conduct the so-called "footprint test". Just walk across the lawn and see if the blades of grass "spring" when you lift your foot. If the grass is flattened, it may indicate that the lawn lacks moisture.

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