Doctor debunks the most popular myths about male baldness

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There are not many causes of baldness

Baldness is a natural phenomenon for many men and is usually caused by genetics or hormonal changes. At the same time, many continue to believe in myths about the connection with stress or testosterone, resorting to methods to restore hair that will not harm and will not help either.

As reported by Express, citing Dr. Earim Chaudry, many merchants have adopted "grandmotherly tales of baldness" and are making money on it. He also agreed that hair loss can cause real discomfort and a number of psychological problems for a person.

"Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to make your hair thick and long again after it has started to fall out, but there are definitely precautions to take," the expert said.

After studying information on the web, Dr. Chaudry and his team identified six of the most "common myths" associated with male baldness and offered explanations for the real causes of hair loss.

Six "myths" about baldness that you don't need to believe:

1. Genetic hair loss is the fault of the mother as it is most often caused by the X chromosome passed down from the woman

Dr. Chaudry said, "While there is some truth to this, this genetic trait can also be inherited from the father or grandparents."

2. Alopecia is caused by stress

While the claim that stress can increase the risk of hair loss is partially true, it is usually a temporary rather than a long-term problem.

Chaudry explained, "When it comes to genetic or hormonal male pattern baldness, which can be permanent, stress does not play a role."

"Research has shown that intense stress hormones can lead to a pause in the hair growth cycle, which can cause hair loss for a period of time. However, stress does not cause hair loss forever," the expert noted.

3. Sun exposure can cause baldness

Exposure to the sun for too long can be dangerous for a number of reasons, especially if you don't protect yourself with sunscreen, glasses, or a hat. However, according to Dr. Chaudry, it has a "very small effect" on hair loss.

"It's true that prolonged exposure to tanning beds can make your hair lighter, drier, or even cause it to become brittle. However, it does not affect male baldness," he emphasized.

Alopecia is often caused by genetic factors.

4. Wearing hats too often will make your hair thinner

According to Chaudry, this is a common myth based on only one part of truth.

He explained, "A lot of things can cause your hair to fall out, from a rubber band that's too tight and regular bleaching to using a blow dryer too often, but it's not the same as genetic thinning of the hair.

5. Washing your hair too often leads to hair loss

Looking down while showering, you may notice that hair is clogging the drain, and this happens to both women and men. However, Chaudry says it's nothing to worry about.

He said, "Hair loss during washing and drying is completely normal, and it can only cause real damage if your curls have already been damaged by chemicals or something else that puts pressure on the follicles."

"So, the next time you wash your hair, try not to panic as most of us experience hair loss while washing," the expert encouraged.

6. Too much testosterone leads to baldness

Although hair loss can be related to hormones, testosterone is not necessarily the cause of thinning strands. Instead, Chaudry points to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

When there is too much DHT in the body, the growth cycle begins to slow down, which means that hair follicles begin to shrink. The end result of this process is that no new follicles grow at all.

Chaudry added, "Testosterone alone does not cause hair loss."

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