Do UFOs really exist? Six legendary photos that may convince you

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Can only one small Earth in the boundless Universe be suitable for life? Yes, mankind has reached a certain level of development in scientific and technological progress, but scientists are still unable to explore the unfathomable cosmic scale. Even the U.S. military recently publicly admitted that they have data on the existence of UFOs.

The Daily Mail published six of the most famous photo evidence of the existence of an extraterrestrial life form. The multi-sensory eyewitness data was recorded from different angles using different types of equipment, including radar.

Cumburgaz, Turkey, 2007-2009

A shocking video was shot by security guard Yalcin Yalman at the Yeni Kent tourist site in Turkey. It shows two strange UFO-like figures.

Scientists have not yet reached a consensus on the origin of the objects in the video. Several hypotheses have been considered, including a qualitative hoax. But skeptics should consider that in addition to the guard, the UFO was seen by other eyewitnesses. The disk-shaped flying object hovered in the sky for a long time and sparkled under a bright moon.

The footage was passed on by the Sirius UFO organization to Istanbul University. Optical physicists scrutinized the image. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey published a report in which they found no evidence of video tampering or optical deception.


Weyauwega, Wisconsin, February 2003

In 2023, a mother and her son were sledding in the town of Weyauwega, Wisconsin, USA. Suddenly, the woman saw a strange glow in the sky. Having a digital camera with her, she managed to take a picture of the unidentified object.

Civilian research group UFO Wisconsin published two pictures that caused a real furor.

"The object flew almost directly overhead and then headed south towards the railroad tracks," the woman told the group of filmmaker Noah Vossom, author of the 2008 UFO Wisconsin case book.

UFO Wisconsin, after careful analysis, confirmed that the photos are real and have "no obvious signs of processing or digital tampering." These photos are some of the clearest images of the flying disk.


Stephenville, Texas, January 8, 2008

Hundreds of residents of a small Texas town repeatedly reported seeing UFOs over their homes from November 2007 through March 2008. On the night of January 8, 2008, U.S. Air Force jets even chased a giant mysterious object.

The mass sighting made national news, with coverage appearing in the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio.

Eyewitnesses said this UFO was "a large object one mile long and half a mile wide that was moving away at high speed, without sound."


McMinnville, Oregon, May 11, 1950

One day in May 1950, Oregon farmer Paul Trent witnessed a UFO sighting and was able to make one of the first ever photographic confirmations. A silvery, metallic, disk-shaped flying object appeared in the sky. There is no consensus among scientists on the veracity of the image. Discussions continue to this day.


Cote Lake, Costa Rica, September 4, 1971

Photographer Sergio Loayza, a specialist at Costa Rica's National Institute of Geography, took this image in 1971 during an aerial survey of waterways for the Arenal Dam project.

The UFO is depicted as an almost classic silver metallic flying saucer. It is one of the rare instances of an object photographed from above, which helped researchers accurately determine its size. The Costa Rican State Laboratory, which was the first to process the photo, estimated the disk's diameter to be nearly 220 feet (about 67 meters).


Tepoztlan, Mexico, June 7, 1992

On a warm June morning in 1992, a young photographer was shooting the sunrise over the Ajusco National Forest. An unknown object suddenly entered the frame. The photographer later claimed direct contact with alien beings.

This orange glow was also seen by other residents of the region, who reported similar sightings over the years.


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