Dishes will be perfectly clean: two dishwasher tricks that will surprise everyone

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Life hacks for the dishwasher

A dishwasher will be an indispensable tool if you are tired of endless dishwashing cycles. The appliance will save you a lot of time. However, we don't always know how to use the dishwasher correctly to get the most out of it.

Sometimes we repeat habits that not only make no sense but also harm the cleaning process. Informacion magazine explains whether you should rinse the dishes before putting them in the machine.

Experts emphasize that there is no need for manual pre-rinse. You should not be under the illusion that pre-rinse will help to ensure greater cleanliness or help get rid of bacteria. In fact, it is less effective in terms of water savings. Dishwashers operate at high temperatures to ensure cleanliness, especially at the end of the cycle.

Pre-rinse causes two problems. First, it increases water and energy consumption. Secondly, if the dishes are already almost clean, the enzymes in the detergents work less well.

Experts note that pre-washing also means that we do not fully utilize the potential of the dishwasher. Most models have a sensor that estimates how much water is needed to wash the dishes at the beginning of the cycle, so if the dishes are already almost clean, the reading may be made incorrectly and the quality of the wash suffers.

The trick is to remove any food residue with a napkin before putting the plates in the dishwasher. The latest appliances today are fully equipped to clean any type of dirt, so there is simply no need for rinsing. The dishes should be in the lower tray and "look" inward since the water from the jet that comes out during washing in the machine should be fed directly to the place where the food remains.

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