Did they deliver "cotton"? A powerful explosion occurred in occupied Mariupol

Olga GanyukovaLife
Details are being clarified

On the afternoon of March 30, a powerful explosion occurred in the temporarily occupied Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast. It is likely that the Russian invaders have been visited by another "cotton" pops.

This was reported by the Mariupol City Council. In particular, it was loud in the area of the 17th and 23rd microdistricts.

"A powerful explosion in Mariupol in the area of 17 and 23 microdistricts. Details are being investigated," the statement said.

Officially, the Ukrainian military has not yet disclosed the cause of the explosions in the occupied territory. And the so-called illegal Russian "administration" is constantly hushing up the reality, claiming that "everything is calm".

It is worth noting that the "cotton" in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, which occurred on the morning of March 27, forced the Russian invaders to move air defence assets from the Central and Prymorsky districts of the city to the Left Bank. Representatives of the terrorist state feel completely uncomfortable in the city.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on March 10, about 20 explosions occurred in Mariupol on the territory of the former Epicentr building materials hypermarket.

On March 13, guerrillas reported a "cotton" explosion near Mariupol. The explosions were heard in the area of Staryi Krym.

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