Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and others: 5 stars who lost their unborn children. Photo.

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Nicole Kidman has two adopted children

Losing a child, even if it is unborn, is a huge tragedy for any girl. From an early stage, a woman feels her baby and looks forward to meeting him or her. But how bitter it is to realise that the little soul will never come into this world.

OBOZREVATEL will recall with you which celebrities have experienced the loss of an heir in early pregnancy. Despite what happened, they found the strength to move on and fight for the birth of their much-coveted babies (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Demi Moore

At the beginning of her relationship with American actor Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore became pregnant by him. The artist desperately wanted to have a child and it happened in 2003. The star lovers were expecting a girl and even gave her a name - Chaplin-Rae. But at 6 months of pregnancy, the fetal heart stopped beating. After the incident, Demi broke her 20-year sober lifestyle and began to abuse alcohol. By the way, Moore and Kutcher only got married in 2005.


Nicole Kidman

During her marriage to Tom Cruise, the famous actress Nicole Kidman was unable to have children. Her two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. After the second, the star despaired, but her lover offered to adopt the baby. Thus, in 1993, the family welcomed a foster daughter, Isabella, and two years later, a son, Connor.


Celine Dion

In May 2000, the Canadian singer underwent two surgeries at a fertility clinic in New York to improve her chances of conceiving. Her first son, René-Charles Angelil, was born on January 25, 2001. In May 2010, it became known that Dion was 14 weeks pregnant. The celebrity was expecting triplets, but one of the babies did not survive in the early stages.



Pop queen Beyoncé first announced her pregnancy in August 2011, when she was 16 weeks pregnant. But, unfortunately, the baby was not destined to be born. After the miscarriage, the singer went to the studio and wrote the song "Heartbeat" in one evening, which became the saddest of all her compositions. Fortunately, the artist and Jay-Z now have three children - twins Sir and Rumi and daughter Blue Ivy.


Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox, star of the TV series Friends, has suffered eight miscarriages. According to her, it is easy for her to conceive a child, but she has problems with carrying a fetus. The actress gave birth for the first time at the age of 40 using IVF. Baby girl Coco Riley Arquette was born on 13 June 2004. After that, Courtney dreamed of giving her firstborn a brother or sister, but all attempts were in vain.


Recall that OBOZREVATEL recently told you which celebrities are raising foster children. Australian singer Sia rarely goes public with her personal life. She only admitted in 2020 that she had adopted two 18-year-old boys a year earlier. One of them recently became a father.

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