Daytime to +17, night frosts: forecasters gave the weather forecast for Tuesday, May 9

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The weather in Ukraine on Tuesday, May 9, will be cloudy with lightning, and part of the country will be covered with rain. In the west and in the south, frosts from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius are possible on the soil surface. Daytime temperatures will range from +11 to +17.

This is stated in the forecast, published on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian hydrometeocenter. Short showers are expected in the Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as in the south and east (to see the video, dock scroll to the end of the page).

At the same time, wet snow is predicted in the highlands of the Carpathians.

In the metropolitan area, there will be no precipitation, it is expected variable cloudiness. The air temperature in Kyiv region at night is +1 ... +6 degrees and during the day it will be +9 ... +14. In Kiev at night +4 ... +6, daytime up to +13.


In the western regions will be sunny, during the day the thermometers will show from +11 to +17 degrees, and at night it will be +5...+3. In Chernihiv and Sumy regions without precipitation, daytime temperatures will be +11...+13, and at night they will be +5...+3. Intermittent rains are possible in the east, with daytime temperatures +10...+13 and nighttime +7...+5.

Precipitation is also possible in southern regions, thermometers will show +8 ... +6 degrees at night and +12 ... +15 during the day. In Crimea it will be +11...+13 during the day and +9...+7 at night.


The UHMC noted that ground frosts are expected in northern and most central regions. A hazard level I has been declared.


Weather forecasters also warned of fire danger in the Kyiv region on May 9-11. "Be careful how you handle fire outdoors! Take care of our ecosystems!" - the message said.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, forecaster Natalia Didenko warned that in Ukraine on the night of May 9, frosts are expected in some regions. In the Carpathians, wet snow is likely to occur.

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