Daylight saving time: do smartphones and computers change?

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Daylight saving time. Source: Created with the help of AI

Clocks are set to daylight saving time every year on the last Sunday of March at 3 am. In 2024, this date falls on March 31, and the main reason for the tradition is to make efficient use of daylight hours and reduce energy consumption.

The clocks will be set forward one hour, so instead of 3:00, it will be 4:00. Read the OBOZ.UA article on whether Android smartphones, iPhones, and laptops need to be set back.

Android smartphones and gadgets

Most gadgets will change the time settings automatically, but there are nuances. Back in 2014, there was a problem with manual change, but the developers quickly solved it.

In the Settings section, select the Date and Time function, and go to Network date and time ("Show network time") – this way you can check if the gadget has automatically switched to daylight saving time.

Apple devices

iOS gadgets have automatic daylight saving time and winter time settings.

Click on "Privacy", select "Geolocation Services", go to "System Services", and turn on the "Time Zone" feature to make sure the changeover was successful.


PCs and laptops on all operating systems switch to daylight saving time automatically.


Since smartwatches and fitness bracelets are linked to your smartphone, the time will change automatically.

How to find out the correct time

If you're still not sure what time it is in the morning after changing your watch, you can use the following tips

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